The producer of ' Cross overs from another dimension ' apologises to crop circle fans.
Terje Toftenes an acclaimed Norwegian documentary producer made a surprise Skype call while Matthew Williams was broadcasting his Crop Circle Makers TV.
Terje bravely apologised to many of his fans for making such an influencing documentary. At the time of making this documentary Terje was non the wiser ( well nor were we ! ) that crop circles are indeed created by the ingenuity and artistic ability of man. Terje however still feels that there are as he put it ' Energies ' within the Wiltshire area. We do share this opinion, on our own travels we have come across entities which are hard to explain to what they may be.
Cross Overs From Other Dimensions documentary is now free to watch on line. 

Shown above crop circle makers broadcast where Terje makes the surprise call. Terje comes on approx. 51.00 minutes into the show.

The documentary ' Crossovers from Other Dimensions'  by Terje Toftenes
The Crop Circle which pulled the plug on our website - The truth is sometimes the hardest thing to swallow !

Temporary Temples (c) 2011
Crop Circle At Temple Basall Warwickshire Reported ? 2011

This rather mysterious crop formation first appeared at the Cropcircleconnector presentation at the Coronation Hall on the 27th July 2011. It was shown for a few brief seconds to the £10 paying audience but it wasn’t and still isn’t reported on cropcircleconnectors site.

When first images of this formation by Steve Alexander were shown, this was indeed a curiosity why such a well constructed formation was not reported. Any information relating to this formation posted on Cropcircleconnectors Facebook page was  immediately removed. This of course raised curiosity why such action was taken. Anyone who raised a question why their posts relating to this formation were removed, such posts were also removed.

We however posted the location on facebook and the possibility why this formation was kept under wraps. We stated that someone may have entered Birmingham International Airport Airspace without prior permission from the control tower. With the current CCA regulations in place such a possibility was not ruled out of the equation.

Soon after our posting of the location I received a phone call stating that it would be a wise move to remove ALL information relating to this formation. We were informed in such a manner where it was classified as highly sensitive and a threat to National Security. At first we found this to be rather bizarre but took the advice and removed all our own posts relating to this matter as the call came from a respected individual within the crop circle community.

As we still found all this rather odd we suspected foul play and begun our own investigation into the matter. I made a call to Solihull County Council who with no surprise were kind of surprised to hear the rather unusual request for information. I clearly explained the situation to them and requested information on the area in question. The answer I received was simply that there was nothing in the area which they could classify as ‘ Sensitive Military or  Government Establishments’. There was simply nothing which would create the need to call the whole thing as ‘ A threat to national security’.

Surveying the area through various ways and means we also found that the field in question had no barriers/fences etc. and no signage to keep out. This field was just like any other field  !!!!! However the location is within Birmingham's International Airport Airspace !.

Within the time we were investing curious circle chasers went to the location, filmed the formation, took images and posted their work on you-tube.

If such an area was so highly sensitive for whatever reason then surely any such information posted on the net would be instantly removed, but in all cases its still there for all to see. So this raised even more suspicion why such a well made formation was still being kept out of the public arena by cropcircleconnector ?.

So Why The Secrecy ?

Just like always Stuart Dike, Julian Gibsone and Mark Fussell of cropcircleconnector get information of new crop circles first. They in turn inform their chosen researchers of any new reports, ( such as Bert Janssen ) so such researchers will go along and take beautiful ground shots for their website.  Yes this is true! , as I had such a privilege back in 2009 and 2010, so basically I would know of any new formations before the report was made public on Cropcircleconnetors website. The delay in reporting was simply due to the fact that there was a need to be the first to take aerial images and photographers on the ground could take images of a pristine formation, not a trampled one !!! A pristine image will always heighten the belief  that something miraculous has happened, and of course if you published you’re images first then there was a good chance that the press would buy them.

So What Happened..?

On this occasion the whole thing backfired and caught them off guard – literally !!.

When the report to Cropcircleconnector was made  that there was a new formation at Temple Balsall , Julian Gibsone and Stuart Dike went to see this formation. ( At this stage in time the report was still not made public on their web site.) While Stuart was taking groundshots with his rather long shiny pole - from a distance the farmer spotted this unusual activity in his field. ( Not knowing that there was a crop circle in his field !)What he saw was an elongated object being raised into the air, as the farmer was not familiar with camera poles of such lengths he suspected something more sinister. As the area is in Birmingham’s International Airport Airspace I guess the farmer suspected that some act of terrorism was taking place, so he called the Police. Within minutes of making the call the Police swooped on the pair and questioned them on their intentions. After a bollocking from the Police the pair left with a tail hanging between their legs. The Police basically warned them not to make this formation public as the farmer didn’t wish for crowds to trample over his field. ( lets be honest this has never stopped them from reporting before – a simple message saying ‘ Farmers request is that no one enters his field’ would have done the trick – well almost anyway ! )

So rather than owning up to the whole scenario and be found out by Steve Alexander that they knew about this formation and didn’t make it public as they wanted exclusivity on it , they chose to spin a yarn and cover up the whole thing by making it a mysterious circumstance which would also add a bit of spice to a rather poor season !!!! So by making it sound like ‘ National Security ‘ would of course put the public off going there. OH DEAR !

There you have it a mystery solved !

If we are wrong in any of this then Julian Gibsone and Stuart Dike and Mark Fussell, indeed have the right to put their side of the story to you the public. We await patiently !

Statement released by Charles Mallet (c) 2011

Near Birmingham. (49)

We visited this crop circle event on the ground some ten days after the initial report of its existence. Due to the hype and intrigue that has surrounded the reporting of this event our approach was made with a measure of real caution. Early reports from the scene had indicated that there was an on-going “security situation” at or very close to the crop circle, which was described as a “matter of national security” , Indeed, the first visitors to this formation (CCC) were approached by officers and were left frightened by the encounter. Our investigation into this situation has concluded beyond any doubt that there is no on-going security matter at the site and therefore there is no reason whatsoever why proper information regarding this crop circle can not be put into the public arena for general consideration. We spent an uneventful ninety minutes at the site examining the circle and the immediate surrounding area. Observations on the ground are fully covered in the photos and videos here. Our overall conclusion was, considering the regular and repetitive patterns of damage across the entire formation, that this event was constructed on the ground with the use of mechanical devices. The farmer is preparing this field for imminent harvest and asks that no persons attempt to enter the formation. He stated that he was perfectly happy for us to publicize the circle but asked that the location be withheld as he does not want people trespassing on his land. There is a high probability that the police will be on the scene fast if the field is entered against the wishes of the farmer - please respect his position

Images and additional ground shots can be found at Silent Circle Website LINK


And this is what the press had to say .... August 10th 2011 Article Source LINK
Article By Duncan Gibbons
Investigators try to decipher meaning of Temple Balsall crop circle
A STUNNING crop circle has appeared near an old RAF base in Warwickshire and a 1,000-year-old hamlet founded by the Knights Templar.

The intricate geometric pattern in Temple Balsall features an eight and 16-pointed star around a central sun, alongside pyramids and oval-shaped ‘helmets’.

Many believe it has religious, spiritual or scientific meanings, from its mathematical properties to its similarity to the Cross of St John, a Lotus flower and a rose compass.

One analyst said: “Sixteen is the number of karma in the Bible, and eight is the symbol of infinity.

“No surprise then that around the central sun we have the eight-pointed star and that can be found in all cultures and religions.

“We also have the 16-pointed star around the central sun.

“Around the central sun we also have the shapes that look like helmets which have pyramids between them. This could well indicate the 16 different countries where pyramids were built.

“We also have the 16-pointed compass rose and the 16-petalled Lotus flower, which relates to the ‘throat chakra’.”

Investigators claimed police officers were banning people from visiting the field, near RAF Honiley, and that any internet posts about the circle were mysteriously deleted.

Read More http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/2011/08/10/investigators-try-to-decipher-meaning-of-temple-balsall-crop-circle-92746-29211240/#ixzz1VEfymqa9

The first Milk Hill Wheat formation of 2011 season was without doubt the best looking formation so far. It came in 2 phases - the first phase was very neat with razor sharp construction. At first everyone thought that, that was it, but couple of nights later further additions were made. This well created circle was transformed from something which had little meaning to something which revealed to what it really was. The inspiration must have come from to much of the local brew. The logo is now even printed on the pool table at the Famous Barge Inn!
The Beer Mat Which Can Be Found At The Barge INN
Phase 1 Reported July 6th 2011

Phase 2

Diagrams by Tommy Borms

Triquetra-circle ( Possible inspiration )

Christian use The symbol has been used by Christians as a sign of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), especially since the Celtic Revival of the 19th century. When modern designers began to display the triquetra as a stand-alone design, it recalled the three-leafed shamrock which was similarly offered as a trinity symbol by Saint Patrick. Some have also suggested that the triquetra has a similarity to the Christian Ιχθυς symbol. The triquetra has been used extensively on Christian sculpture, vestments, book arts and stained glass. It has been used on the title page and binding of some editions of the New King James Version.

A very common representation of the symbol is with a circle that goes through the three interconnected loops of the Triquetra. The circle emphasizes the unity of the whole combination of the three elements.

We have seen many reports over the years where Consciousness plays a huge part within the crop circle phenomenon. How many times have you heard where the public meditate with a specific design in their minds and that design appears in Wiltshires fields ?. Well we have held back from updating this site due to some experiments which we ourselves have conducted.

One experiment in fact proved to be so successful where we ourselves had a disagreement with our own team whether information was leaked prior to a formation appearing in a field. After much deliberation and checking times and relevant information has been checked time and time again we are now 100% confident in informing you that something mysterious is at work with human circle makers.

Conscious information is somehow passed from one thinker to the maker ! This is excellent news as we are now getting closer to understanding why human circle makers are influenced to go out in the fields creating formations time and time again, year after year. We must also clearly stipulate that this does not affect all human circle makers. The human circle makers who are tuned in  and have a passion and desire in what they do, they are the ones more likely to receive this frequency of thought from one source of thought to another.

The simple conclusion is ' That we are interacting while using a higher intelligence of thought than we can comprehend so we may have the capabilities to transmit information either through our own minds or through the assistance of an unknown source'.  Speaking to some human circle makers ' They clearly stipulate, that circle making is all about ' CONTACT ' with intelligences beyond our own realm of understanding of who or what it may be and beyond to what we may classify as reality. Some human crop circle makers have also stated that while they are in the process of creating a drawing or diagram they feel an inspiration to create something where they would normally not dream of creating.

Windmill Hill,Wiltshire.13th July 2011
We were aware that a formation was due to be created on this specific night. We even suggested the location, but we did not know or wished to know what the intended design by the team was going to be. We have spoken about swirls before several months prior to this event but not on this day. The randomly chosen team decided randomly what to create literally hours before night fall, so this formation was not preplanned. It is also important to state that other teams were in the area who had NO CONNECTION with this team what's so ever.

We ourselves departed the location so not to attract any attention or disturb the makers.

While this formation was being made another unknown team of makers were in the area of Wiltshire. This unknown team also chose to create almost the same pattern on the same night and very likely at the same time.

The team which we were aware of and ourselves were in complete surprise to hear that their randomly chosen design was created on the same night a few miles away by another team.

I can hear you thinking that this is not entirely fool proof. Well, you would be right to think such thoughts especially if you are a true researcher. On this occasion however we are fully confident that no one from the team which we were of knew the members of the other operating team.

So we put this aside for the moment and decided to try something else.

Chaddenwick Hill 13th July 2011
On this occasion it is important for us to state that all information is in strictest of confidence. It is not important to know who the team was, what is important is the research factor !.

The appearance of this formation created a bit of a headache and arguments flared within our team !

Over several days I was working on a crop circle design, not for the purpose of actually making it but just to see what I could come up with. I became fixated on one design and kept rubbing things out and adding various elements here and there. After several attempts I scrapped  the original and started again. Over several evenings of sketching I was finally happy and created the final design.

I shared my design with a team member but not visually only through a very brief descriptive cell phone text. This text was sent late on the night of 21st of July 2011.

The following day I was shocked to see that a formation using  almost all elements that I designed were utilized within this formation. The centre of this formation was exactly how I described it !
I have to be very honest here and say that I did jump to conclusions very quickly. My instant reaction was that my text message (which included a brief description of the design ) was shared with another human crop circle maker by a team member and then other human circle makers then made the formation but after double checking all possibilities of foul play - I have to say that we could not find anything which could indicate that such action took place. The time scales which would be involved in creating the design in question were indeed very short, so appropriate design which would have been a guess by the maker had to be designed first, then locating a suitable field, then gathering a team of willing makers, then getting to the location and physically making this formation. ( From design to completion the time scale would be no more than 6 hours - a formation of this size would take up to 3 hours to complete) So on this occasion we have to take into consideration that something took place where the thoughts of one person who is completely unknown to another, were somehow shared over the period of time while the original design was being thought of.

We have now discovered who the maker of this formation was,this person in question should not concern themselves about their identity as to us it is irrelevant, in fact we are very thankful to the maker for such an experience to have occurred .

When the alien head formation at Charlbury Hill appeared we were keen to conduct some experiments within.
As it was in a very remote location and away from many tourists this was indeed a very appropriate location to spend the entire night.

We positioned ourselves approx. in the middle of the the head. Laid down a camping blanket ( fire retardant ), set up various cameras, including night vision goggles and emf/temperature reading meters and so we begun our observation. 

Anyone who has seen the movie about a comical alien called ' PAUL ' may see the humorous and possibly mysterious aspect of this event at the same time. So here goes !

My colleagues name is ironically  Paul who was with me at the time. Paul quit smoking approx. 2 weeks prior to us visiting this formation but unknown to me Paul decided to start smoking a pipe instead on this very day !

Charlbury Hill (2), nr Wiltshire. Reported 20th July
Half way through the night Paul pulls out his pipe and decides to have a smoke ( please note that smoking is not recommended in a field of wheat - however we did take all appropriate safety precautions by restricting everything we did on a fire retardant blanket and we even brought along a small portable fire extinguisher ) which was a surprise to me as I was aware that Paul had quit smoking all together.

As we sat there chatting about this and that with the pleasant aroma of pipe tobacco wafting through the air  we heard a noise which we couldn't make out the direction it was coming from, so we ducked just in case someone spotted us. We looked around but couldn't see anything but yet the noise continued. The noise we described at the time was kind of muffled continuous thudding. The only direction we didn't look was up !!. So I looked up and there above our heads was a bloody big owl ( well it looked like an owl !!) . We started waving our arms, trying to get the owl to fly away but no this owl decided that it wasn't going to be told what to do. Eventually after 5 minutes or so I stood up and raised my arms again, it is only then the owl flew away. I have to admit it was rather an odd experience !!.

So here we have three possibilities. 1. is either the whole event is just coincidental, 2. Something mysterious happened 3. The makers were inspired by the movie ' PAUL ', but in the movie the comical alien smokes cigarettes . ( there is a 4th possibility and that is someone knows what we were up to ! ). Oh well cant keep secrets from anyone these days.

Apart from the owl incident the only other thing that happened on this night was white streaks of light  flashed across the field on 3 different occasions which were described as rather unusual.

Poster From The Alien Movie ' PAUL'
The Owl Formation From 2009 Image Lucy Pringle (c) 2009
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